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Since 1989, we have enjoyed being a part of Bay Area wedding celebrations with our wedding cakes and other European pastry desserts.

To help each client, we’ve developed a 6-tiered cake design program to help educate you, so you can make the right choices and create the cake of your dreams. This program is also filled with our personal tips which are based on our over 20 years of experience with designing and making wedding cakes. Our wedding cake consultant will share our program and wedding cake packet with you during your initial wedding cake consultation appointment.

Each cake we make is custom designed according to the wishes of our customers. Our standard menu options include a variety of types of cakes, fillings, frostings and icings, and an almost unlimited amount of decoration options. Cakes can be made round, square, stacked, suspended, aligned or even off-center. Cake shapes can also be made with multiple tiers of varying heights. While we provide a standard menu of cake design options, in most cases, we can customize and create just about any type of wedding cake you could possibly dream of – just ask!

! Cake
All our cakes are made from scratch, never from a mix and we use high quality ingredients such as unbleached flour, fresh lemon juice, high quality chocolate and nuts. Our standard cake options include:

* Fillings
Our fillings are made with natural ingredients like fresh raspberries and real cream. You can taste the difference and we wouldn't have it any other way. Our standard line of fillings includes:
• Almond • Hazelnut • White • Almond
• Chocolate • Lemon   • Assorted fresh fruit/berries
      • Coconut
      • Dark chocolate mousse
      • Fresh strawberries

@ Frostings
We provide our customers with a multitude of frosting options. Here are our standard frosting offerings.

• Hazelnut
• Lemon
• Mango
• Mango passion fruit
• Mocha, coffee, cappuccino
• Butter cream • Marzipan • Royal icing • Raspberry cream
• Chocolate glaze • Rolled fondant • White chocolate • Tiramisu
      • Vanilla
      • White chocolate mousse
      Note: no alcohol is added unless specifically requested

^ Design & Decorations
Many couples like to align their cake with their wedding theme, colors and concepts. For example, one of our couples’ wanted a “champagne and bubbles” theme throughout their wedding. We were more than happy to incorporate this theme into their cake and garnished their cake with lovely hand made sugar bubbles that matched the bubbles in their room décor. Our standard design and decoration ideas include:

• Basket weave • Marzipan flowers
• Cake toppers (client's personal choice) • Pulled sugar roses
• Fleur de Lys • Sporadic dots
• Fresh flowers • Swirl
• Fresh fruit • Swiss dot
• Hearts • White chocolate roses
• Quilted pattern  


? Other Options
In addition to our fabulous wedding cakes, we are also well known for our extensive selection of delicious and beautifully designed European pastry products. Like our cakes, all of our products are created from scratch using the finest ingredients. Here are a few of our more popular wedding favorites previous clients have incorporated into their wedding celebrations:

The croqembouche is a French inspired sculpture made up of delicious "pate a choux puffs" filled with pastry cream (cream puffs) linked together with caramelized sugar. Each croquembouche is set on a nougat base (standard) or a more elaborate decorative nougatine display stand. Decorative options include chocolate, sugar grains, gold leafing, dipped fruits and sugar pieces.

Bridal Shower & Rehearsal Dinner Cakes
Talk with your wedding cake consultant about designing a bridal shower or rehearsal dinner cake. These cakes can also be aligned with the colors or design theme of your wedding.

Dessert Bar
Dessert bars are becoming more and more popular at wedding receptions. If interested, we can help you create a dessert bar that could include cakes, tarts, cupcakes, individual desserts, petite fours, cookies and other bite sized desserts.


To learn more about us or to get started on creating your own Gerhard Michler wedding cake, contact one of our wedding cake consultants at 415.861.5158 or via email at

We wanted to sincerely thank you for everything you did for us. Not only did the cake look absolutely beautiful & was exactly what we both wanted, it was incredible! I cannot begin to tell how many compliments I received on how delicious the cake (as well as the cookies) was. Almost every single person raved about it and of course, we both LOVED it! Thank you so much!!
- Jennifer & David